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One of the key principles of management is to recognize risks at their embryonic stage, and approach the response to these threats supported by a thorough analysis. Combining considerable market and derivative product experience with the ability to trade and manage complex combinations of derivative transactions, iEnergia provides a full range of products and services delivering hedging and risk management solutions to both commodity producers and consumers.

Customized solutions offer clients the ability to hedge their commodity requirements or production off take, contributing to their protection from market volatilities, product exposures and economic pressures.

iEnergia sp z.o.o. also provide the best of consultancy for all its clients. We hope to bring a different frame of reference, expand knowledge management capabilities, 3rd party objective insight, and general advice on day to day operations of the business. Our consultants have been in business for over 20 years, and bring a wealth of experience to the table, and in reality, know how to make things right.

Recruitment & HR Departments
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iEnergia sp z.o.o. offers challenging and exciting career opportunities within all areas of our business. We actively look for individuals who we believe can take iEnergia to the next level, offering demanding opportunities to talented candidates from all backgrounds. All our roles call for commitment in an environment where ambitious and capable individuals flourish and can build a career. 

We are an International trading company who employs people from all cultures and nationalities. At iEnergia, we believe diversity in our workforce brings more to the table than different backgrounds, but also enables a diverse range of ideas, views and solutions to the drawing board. To learn more about the selection process.