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Company Profile

iEnergia sp z.o.o., located in the heart of Warsaw, Poland is one of the world's fastest growing private marketers of commodities. iEnergia sp z.o.o. operates within worldwide activities in the sourcing and managing supply of metals, minerals and energy products such as Electricity, Gas and Fuels. With years of experience in the import and export industry, serving both domestic and international markets, ensures that iEnergia has a great record of delivering results, meeting and even passing our client expectations. 

iEnergia sp z.o.o. handles every element involved in the sourcing and trading of Metal, Metal Ore, Crude Oil, Petroleum, Renewable Energies, Coal and offers advice and support for all its industrial clientele within the market place. iEnergia has established itself as a reliable partner within the global network of commodities trading. 

Our strategy is aimed on strengthening our business, taking advantage of growth opportunities and practicing a responsible attitude when dealing with clients and handling resources. If an opportunity was to arise for iEnergia to develop its business, the company would intensively investigate its capabilities and its network, with a view to increase its corporate value. iEnergia aims to respond quickly and effectively to these business opportunities through shortage or surplus within the market place, often when large government reserves of a commodity are released or stored. 

iEnergia sp z.o.o. believe that everyone should do their part in improving the conditions of the atmosphere in which they live in. iEnergia promote the conduction of an annual energy audit, going paperless, recycling, buying green, and any other means to go green within our capabilities. iEnergia continues to do its part in the “growing green energy worldwide revolution”, and has recently invested in a number of Solar Energy Generation projects. 

iEnergia sp z.o.o.’s understanding of these and other developments are due to the diversity and experience of its staff that represent the company. After all, it is our individuals that are truly at the forefront for our recent success.